Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Elaboration Likelihood Model & Diffusion of Innovation

One of the promotions that just recently happened on April 16th was what they called “One Day without Shoes”. TOMS asked individuals to leave their shoes at home for one day and participate in this event in order to raise awareness about their cause. While TOMS Shoes does not do much in terms of advertising they are constantly promoting their product and cause to the public.

The “One Day without Shoes” example demonstrates the PR model of Diffusion of Innovation. This sort of demonstration attempted to bring awareness to TOMS Shoes and their mission by putting their target audience in the place of these children in developing countries. Awareness is the first step in this model. Once awareness of the event was raised, thousands of people across the world, in almost 200 cities took part in the “One Day without Shoes” event. In addition over 45,000 people responded about the event online. This shows that genuine interest (step 2 in the diffusion of innovation model) was created due to this act. TOMS shoes must now evaluate the usefulness of this act (stage 3) and decide if they would like to make this an annual event in order to raise awareness (stages 4 and 5).

The other model that is in use in this instance is the 'Elaboration Likelihood Model'. In this model people are not always interested in the cause, however once someone that they admire is concerned, they too gain interest. Bill Clinton along with many other state senators supported the “One Day without Shoes”. This gained support in this act because the leaders that people have elected and admire support this cause. Senators in Oklahoma agreed recognize April 16th as “One Day without Shoes” day.

A good promotional video that was shown on the Tom’s Shoes website is…

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